Right Audience. Right Time.

A Product Ecosystem is designed to simply align with your prospect’s level of awareness when buying. So you deliver the right product, to the right audience at the right time.

If you can actively and skilfully move people down the pyramid you can educate a lot of the 97% of prospects out there from “Unaware” or “Information Gathering” to becoming your client right away. 

The best way to do this is through a Sales Funnel, that uses this technique to shift a prospect down each stage of the pyramid over a period of a few weeks. Done right, you’ll easily see your sales double without having to spend much, if not any more on your advertising.


Action Steps

Turning your skills, ideas and talent into products increases the number of people you can add value to, breaks the time-for-money trap and allows you to spend more time innovating.

  1. Develop free gifts that ‘prime’ your prospects
    and ‘pre-sell’ your core product

  2. Develop products that allow you to deliver far more value,
    scaling the number of people you can serve 

  3. Discover the ideal Product Ecosystem
    for your unique business model

  4. Switch from a restricted time/service model
    to a scalable product/value model

  5. Create Sales Funnel(s) that specifically addresses
    the unique concerns at each of the 3 buying stages
    (Awareness, Interest, Evaluation)

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