Jeremy Snowsill

Crafting Exceptional Brands


Clients I’ve worked with

Brand challenges

I help you solve

You're brand new

You're new, or have a new brand. You need help crafting a story that speaks to your audience, and a brand that positions you boldly in the marketplace.

You've grown

Your vision, product, services or business model has changed. Your brand no longer reflects who you are or what you offer. It's time to realign.

You're outdated

Your brand or message is no longer relevant to your market, or to changing customer expectations. An updated brand and strategy is required.

Market has changed

Competitors, both new and existing have eroded your market share. Refocusing on what differentiates you to increase growth and customer appeal.


Exceptional brands don’t just happen, they’re crafted.


To craft something exceptional, requires capturing what is exceptional about you. To go further than most skin-deep brands to extract a story worth telling.


Great branding doesn’t invent a story. It neatly reveals a truth.


I see myself as a strategist and designer who restores truth. Helping translate who you are to more people in a clear and powerful way.


Industry Experience


With over 20 years behind me, I have worked as a freelance branding consultant on some of the largest multinational companies operating in Australia, such as Officeworks, BHP Billiton, DHL and Monier.

420 Projects
  • Over 420 projects delivered,
    both locally and globally.

140 Clients
  • Over 140 clients served,
    both locally and globally.

21 Years
  • 21 years experience,
    specialising in corporate brands.