Jeremy Snowsill

Brand & Marketing Consultant

I use the power of storytelling and authentic marketing to clarify your message so it attracts more people to buy.


People do not buy the best products or services, they buy the ones that are communicated clearest. The one’s they can understand the fastest.

You are in a race to communicate clearly. Put simply, the clearest communicator will win. Let's explore what might be impacting your sales and enquires.


What's your Problem?

First, let's address why you're here. You have a problem and I might be able to solve it for you. If your problem falls into one or more of the following categories, you should get in touch with me.



"My prospects are
going to a competitor."


Your prospects are going to a competitor because they don't understand the value you provide, that's a messaging problem.



"I don't have enough
prospects or warm leads."


If you are simply struggling to generate enough prospects or warm leads for your business, that's a marketing problem.



"We have poor
bounce rate on our website."


If prospects are bouncing to a competitor because your website doesn't look trustworthy, that's a branding problem.


People have become so jaded by the tricks and persuasion tactics of poor marketing strategies. With an authentic message, together we will craft an engaging way of telling your story across all media.


The Key is Clarity

There is nothing more powerful than authenticity and clear, intelligent storytelling. To move people, to inspire people rather than to force and manipulate your customers to buy your product or service.

To do that successfully requires a number of 'parts' connected together without any breaks. If you or your marketing provider doesn't understand how to fit these seamlessly together, you are unfortunately wasting your money.


Just 3 Steps

I will help you strategise, develop, launch and optimise the perfect marketing for your ideal customer. It’s not just best practices on marketing, messaging and branding and then leaving you to figure out how the hell to piece it all together. I want to help you with getting (and keeping) customers, all in just 3 clear steps.



Your purpose lays the foundation for your entire brand and marketing. It unearths the true spirit of your business, providing incredible insights and powerful messages that can be built upon later.

  • Discovery Workshop

    I know the best solutions are likely inside you already, but struggle to come out. My unique engagement tools are the backbone of the Discovery Workshop. This is about deep-diving into your heart and head.

  • Interviews & Surveys

    We base all our work on real insight gathered from you and your customers, not assumptions. Such as one-on-one interviews with key staff. Or online questionnaire / phone-call interviews with customers.

  • Purpose, Vision & Values

    The deep-diving of the workshop will unearth the raw statements that will eventually become your Purpose, Vision and Values. This stage is about refining and simplifying until your message is memorable and easily repeatable.

  • Business Objectives

    Together, we will define the key business outcomes and financial targets from the very start. Aligning around what success means to you.



People have become so jaded by the tricks and persuasion tactics of poor marketing strategies. With an authentic message, together we will craft an engaging way of telling that story across all media.

  • Brand Positioning

    Understanding who your ideal customer is and how you speak to them. Positioning your business as a clear and obvious solution to your customer's problem.

  • Marketing Strategy

    I help you plan targeted advertising campaigns and set up your online marketing funnel to attract the customers you desire.

  • Marketing Funnels

    A funnel is a buying process where you don’t give everything up front, you give people bite sized pieces of information that lead them from point A, where they are, to point B, where they need to be.

  • Lead Generation

    I have a relentless focus on conversions to ensure we’re not only driving as much traffic, leads and sales for your business as possible, but we’re doing profitably.



Design is essentially visual storytelling. It's the art of breaking complex messages into an easily digestible thread of graphics, images and words - carefully considered for each piece of communication.

  • Brand Identity

    Great design is anything but skin deep. It only works, it only happens, when it goes right down to the heart and soul of the company that produces it.

  • Website & Landing Pages

    97% of your website visitors aren’t ready to buy. So we capture leads by creating a system within your website for converting casual visitors to enquiries.

  • Photography & Video

    Nothing speaks "I don't give a sh*t" more than generic, plastic stock images. I will ensure that the passion and authenticity you have for your product or service is captured and felt in your images.

  • Copywriting

    If you speak to everybody, you speak to nobody. On crowded digital platforms it is critical to write effective ad sales copy that communicates the value of your offer and gets the right people to click.


I cut out all of the bullshit, the jargon, and talk simply about what works and what doesn’t.

Hi, I’m Jeremy, a Brand & Marketing Consultant with almost 20 years behind me. I have worked as a freelance branding consultant on some of the largest multinational companies operating in Australia, such as Officeworks, BHP Billiton, DHL and Monier.

 Personally, I see business as a vehicle for positive social change. I believe profit and purpose together, are a powerful driver of business growth. By embedding purpose at the heart of an organisation, my vision is to inspire and guide my clients to build Conscious Businesses, driven by a multiple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit.


I have delivered over 400 projects with 40 clients, both locally and globally. Based in Melbourne Australia, I work closely with clients from all industries in Australia & New Zealand.


Got questions?
I’ve got answers.

There is no better time to start improving your business than right now. When you meet with me, we'll talk about your goals, the challenges facing your business and get a sense of what we can achieve together.

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