Jeremy Snowsill

Strategy Workshop

Set yourself apart from your competition.


Get together.
Get aligned.
Get done in 1 day.

Deliver your brand promise, position and personality in 1 breakthrough day. This workshop is purpose-built for senior leadership teams. Delivered over one 8-hour day, or two 4-hour days.


Why is your story so important?


It's never been easier to share your message. But, it's never been harder to get people to care. So it's critical to go further than most skin-deep brands to extract a story worth telling.

–– Simple enough to be understandable

–– Human enough to be loved and truthful

–– Different enough to be noticed, to stand out

If you’re going to stand out ahead of your competitors and attract the customers you really want, then you need to create a big impact with what you say, what you publish and how you articulate what’s special about you.