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Below is a 10-minute, personalised Website Audit by me, designed to better showcase who you are, what you stand for and your portfolio of work. I will share as much value as I can, that you can go away and implement immediately on your website, to improve your website enquiries and leads.


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How well is your existing website inspiring your prospects to take action? Which turns into leads, sales and bookings. If you are seeking to grow and you want to use your website to drive that growth, I can help.


Previous Work

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About Me

Hi, Iā€™m Jeremy, a Brand & Marketing Consultant with almost 20 years behind me. I have worked as a freelance branding consultant on some of the largest multinational companies operating in Australia, such as Officeworks, BHP Billiton, DHL and Monier.

I help business owners use the power of storytelling and authentic marketing to clarify their message so it attracts more people to buy.